Yellowstone County Montana Query Request
Yellowstone Genealogy Forum
Billings, Montana Billings 1915 2nd and Broadway

Research Requests

The Yellowstone Genealogy Forum will answer queries for information
 as quickly as possible.   
The Forum charges a $10.00 basic fee to answer any query request. In addition, photocopies are 50 cents per page. If a SASE is not enclosed, postage charges will be added. If insufficient postage is included, over-weight will also be charged. Please submit the appropriate estimated amount payable to YGF with your request. Excess monies will not be returned.
For more information or questions, please contact:
Please enclose a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope, & Estimated Costs payable to YGF
Mail requests, along with this form, to:
Yellowstone Genealogy Forum - Research
c/o Billings Public Library
510 North Broadway
Billings MT 59101