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Billings, Montana Billings 1939 or 1940 Senior High School
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Records: 401 to 450 of 1682
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  978.6 CUSTER Clark Dusting off the old ones. Clark, W.B.
View Record  949.22 Dobson Dutch colonists in the Americas 1615-1815. Dobson, David
View Record  929.2 BREWER Brew Dutch-English odyssey: stories of Brewer and Estey families in North America, 1636-1996. Brewer, Floyd I.
View Record  976.6 BRYAN Schr Earliest marriages, Bryan County, Oklahoma (Indian Territory). Schrader, P. Lancaster
View Record  976.8 Griff Earliest Tennessee land records and earliest Tennessee land history. Griffey, Irene M.
View Record  974.6 Bail Early Connecticut marriages as found on ancient church records prior to 1800. Bailey, Frederic W.
View Record  978.6 RAVALLI Poph Early days in the sagebrush country. Popham, Clarence, compiler.
View Record  943.2 Knit Early eighteenth century Palatine emigration: a British government redemptioner project to manufacture naval stores. Knittle, Walter Allen
View Record  978.6 YELLOW Early Early families of Billings, 2007-2008: Fifteen month calendar. Yellowstone Genealogy Forum.
View Record  976.9 Suth Early Kentucky householders, 1787-1811. Sutherland, James Franklin, comp.
View Record  976.9 JEFFERSON Earl Early Kentucky settlers: the records of Jefferson County, Kentucky.
View Record  974.4 Bailey Early Massachusetts marriages prior to 1800 as found on ancient court records of the counties of Middlesex, Hampshire, Berkshire and Bristol. -- Third book. Bailey, Rev. Frederic W.
View Record  977.1 Berry Early Ohio settlers: purchasers of land in east and east central Ohio, 1800-1840. Berry, Ellen Thomas and David A. Berry, compilers.
View Record  977.1 Berry2 Early Ohio settlers: purchasers of land in southwestern Ohio, 1800-1840. Berry, Ellen Thomas and David A. Berry, compliers.
View Record  974.8 Fish Early Pennsylvania births, 1675-1875. Fisher, Charles A., comp.
View Record  978.6 CASCADE Thom Early settlers of Great Falls, 1884-1920. Thomson, Janet; Linda Long; Cheryl Lucas.
View Record  975.2 Skor Early settlers of Maryland: an index to names of immigrants compiled from records of land patents, 1633-1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland. Skordas, Gust, editor.
View Record  977.8 Lowr Early settlers of Missouri as taken from land claims in the Missouri Territory. Lowrie, Walter, editor
View Record  979.7 SPOKANE Wild Early Spokane County Washington Territory marriages 1880-1891. Wildman, Lorena and Carrie Lartigue
View Record  974.7 GREENE Wood East Kill Valley genealogy: a record of the burials in two Catskill Mountain graveyards with genealogical information from 1620 to 1964. Woodworth, Olive Newell
View Record  978.6 STILL Hans East Rosebud: a diary of the first 100 years (1894-1994). Hanson, Beverly Borgen LeRossignol
View Record  978.6 YELLOW East Eastern Montana College 1989 alumni directory. Eastern Montana College.
View Record  977.4 EATON Liep Eaton County, Michigan newspapers Vol 1 1845-1867. Liepins, Joyce Marple
View Record  929.2 EBERHART Barn Eberhart/Everhart: ancestry in the United States, a comprehensive manual, 1727-1995. Barnhart, Shawn
View Record  978.6 TOOLE Prai Echoes from the prairies: history on north Toole County. Prairie Homemakers Home Extension Club.
View Record  929.2 PATTERSON Patt Edmond and Margaret (Leamy) Patterson and their descendants. Patterson, Betty
View Record  978.6 STILL Anni Eighty years of memories on the banks of the Yellowstone. Annin, Jim
View Record  929.1085 Szucs Ellis Island, gateway to America. Szucs, Loretto Dennis
View Record  929.1085 Burd Ellis Island: gateway of hope. Burdick, John
View Record  929.1085 SzucsE Ellis Island: tracing your family history through America's gateway. Szucs, Loretto Dennis
View Record  977.6 SAINT LOUIS Ely Ely scrapbook 1888-1988. Ely [Minn.] Centennial Committee.
View Record  941.52 Mill Emigrants and exiles: Ireland and the Irish exodus to North America.. Miller, Kerby A.
View Record  943.1 Smith Emigrants from Saxony (Grandduchy of Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach) to America, 1854, 1859. Smith, Clifford Neal
View Record  974.8 Tepper Emigrants to Pennsylvania, 1641-1819: a consolidation of ship passenger lists from the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography. Tepper, Michael, ed.
View Record  947.7 Stum Emigration from Germany to Russia in the years 1763-1862. Stumpp, Karl
View Record  978.4 McKEN John End of the rope: the true story of North Dakota's last lynching. Johnson, Dennis Edward
View Record  942.1 BardE England surnames: their sources and significations.. -- 3rd edition. Bardsley, Charles W.
View Record  974.482 Banks English ancestry and homes of the Pilgrim fathers who came to Plymouth on the "Mayflower" in 1620, the "Fortune" in 1621, and the "Anne" and the "Little James" in 1623. -- Reprint with Additions and Corrections. Banks, Charles Edward
View Record  942.1 Wagn English genealogy. Wagner, Sir Anthony Richard
View Record  942.2 Hoff English origins of American colonists from the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record / selected and introduced by Henry B. Hoff. Hoff, Henry Bainbridge
View Record  942.1 Matt English surnames. Matthews, C.M.
View Record  948.11 Gabr English-Norwegian Norwegian-English dictionary. -- 3rd ed. Gabrielsel, Egill Daae
View Record  974.8 ERIE Clint Erie County, Pennsylvania area key: guide to the genealogical records of Erie County, Pennsylvania, including maps, histories, charts and other helpful materials. -- Second edition. Clint, Florence
View Record  306 Fisch Ethnic cultures of America: A reference source for all Americans. Fischetti, P.R.
View Record  974.492 Dow Every day life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Dow, George Francis
View Record  929.2 CONITZ Smith Every life has a story...the Conitz-Keil story. Smith, Dione Shirley
View Record  929.2 SHIRLEY Smit Every life has a story...the Shirley-Ruff family. Smith, Dione Shirley
View Record  977.6 FARIBAULT Finn Every name index to the 1886 plat book of Faribault County, Minnesota with reprints of selected maps. Finnell, Arthur Louis
View Record  973.2 Hawke Everyday life in early America. Hawke, David Freeman
View Record  929.1032 MillsEv Evidence explained: citing history sources from artifacts to cyberspace. Mills, Elizabeth Shown
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Records: 401 to 450 of 1682