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Records: 301 to 350 of 1760
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  Map 977.1 TRUMBULL Everts Combination atlas map of Trumbull County, Ohio. Everts, L.H.
View Record  977.3 MCHENRY McHen Combination atlas of McHenry County, Illinois -- 1872. McHenry County Illinois Genealogical Society.
View Record  929.1 Bremer Compendium of historical sources: the how and where of American genealogy. Bremer, Ronald A.
View Record  973.2 ColdB Complete book of emigrants in bondage, 1614-1775. Coldham, Peter Wilson
View Record  973. 2 Cold Complete book of emigrants. 1607 - 1776: a comprehensive listing compiled from English Public Records of those who took ship to the Americas for political, religious, and economic reasons; of those who were deported for vagrancy, roguery, or non-conformity; od of those who were sold to labour in the New Colonies. Coldham, Peter Wilson
View Record  974.02 AnderCo Complete Great Migration Newsletter: volumes 1-10. Anderson, Robert Charles; New England Historic Genealogical Society
View Record  929.6 Fox Complete guide to heraldry. Fox-Davies, Arthur Charles
View Record  970.3 CHOCTAW Gross Complete roll of all Choctaw claimants and their heirs existing under the treaties between the United States and the Choctaw Nation as far as shown by the records of the U,S, and the Choctaw Nation. Gross, Joe R., compiler and editor.
View Record  929.1089 Bukke Comprehensive genealogical feast day calendar. Bukke, Inger M.; Peer K. Kristensen, and Finn A. Thomsen, compilers.
View Record  929.1 Cham Conceptual approach to genealogy: essential methodology for organizing and compiling genealogical records. Chamberlin, David C.
View Record  996.9 Barn Concise history of the Hawaiian Islands. Barnes, Dr. Phil
View Record  942 Ekwall Concise Oxford dictionary of English place-names.-- 4th edition. Ekwall, Eilert
View Record  973.7 Neag Confederate research sources: a guide to archive collections. Neagles, James C.
View Record  978.6 Robi Confederates in Montana Territory: in the shadow of Price's Army. Robison, Ken
View Record  974.6 Jack Connecticut 1840 census index. Jackson, Ronald Vern and Gary Ronald Teeples, editors.
View Record  974.6 ConnB Connecticut Historical Society bulletin. Connecticut Historical Society.
View Record  974.6 Sper Connecticut sources for family historians and genealogists. Sperry, Kip
View Record  971.2 Conq Conquerville: a growing community. Conquerville Women's Institute.
View Record  929.2 EMERY Emery1 Conrad Emery and his descendants. Emery, Frederic B.
View Record  016.973 Peter Consolidated bibliography of county histories in fifty states in 1961: consolidated 1935-1961. Peterson, Clarence Stewart, compiler.
View Record  973.3 Wrig Continental Army. Wright, Robert K.
View Record  974,7 ALBANY Pear Contributions for the genealogies of the first settlers of the ancient county of Albany, from 1630 to 1800. Pearson, Jonathan
View Record  978.6 Histor Contributions to the Historical Society of Montana with it transactions, officers and members. -- Volume 5. Historical Society of Montana.
View Record  979.5 COOS Maha Coos River echoes: a story of the Coos River valley. Mahaffy, Charlotte L.
View Record  929.2 COPEN Thay Copenhaver family in the Revolutionary War. Thayer, Richard L.
View Record  978.6 SILVER Writ Copper camp: stories of the world's greatest mining town. Writer's Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of Montana.
View Record  929.2 CORAY Weeks Coray and Lusk family history. Weeks, Jennie N. and Katherine Taylor
View Record  978.6 Lee Cornerstones of knowledge: a country school portrayal. Lee, Joyce Brock
View Record  941.5 LONGFORD Leahy County Longford and its people: an index to the 1901 census for County Longford. Leahy, David
View Record  978.6 RICH Cour Courage enough: Mon-Dak family histories, Richland County, Montana. -- Bicentennial edition.
View Record  973.7 Gill Courier for Lee and Jackson: 1861-1865 memoirs / [edited by] Walbrook D. Swank. Gill, John 1841-1912
View Record  929.1087 Rose Courthouse research for family historians: your guide to genealogical treasures. Rose, Christine
View Record  978 Holm Covered wagon women: diaries and letters from the western trails, 1840-1890. Holmes, Kenneth L.
View Record  929.2 COX Amer Cox family. American Genealogical Research Institute.
View Record  948.51 Joha Cradled in Sweden: a practical help to genealogical research in Swedish records. Johansson, Carl-Erik
View Record  929.2 CRAIG Sutt Craig-Meyer families of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Iowa, 1742-1977. Sutton, Esther Craig
View Record  929.2 CRANDELL Sand Crandell, 1634-1981. Sand, Linda Crandell
View Record  362.7 Orph Crossroads [newsletter]. Orphan Train Heritage Society of America.
View Record  970.3 CROW Lowie Crow Indians. Lowie, Robert H.
View Record  970.3 CROW Pease Crow Tribal treaty centennial issue: 1868-1968. Pease, Eloise Whitebear, ed.
View Record  929.6 Croz Crozier's general armory: a registry of American families entitled to coat armor. Crozier, William Armstrong, editor.
View Record  977.3 MCHENRY Heis Crystal Lake, Illinois: a pictorial history.--Sesquicentennial edition. Heisler, James; Susan Riegler, and Roberta Smith.
View Record  978.6 ROOSE Culb Culbertson: Diamond Jubilee 1887-1962, seventy-five years of progress. Culbertson Diamond Jubilee.
View Record  306 Cult Culturgrams.
View Record  929.2 CURRIER Curr Currier family records of U.S.A. and Canada. Currier, Philip Joseph
View Record  929.2 CURTIS Seav Curtis family records. Seaver, J. Montgomery
View Record  947.7 Will Czar's Germans with particular reference to the Volga Germans. Williams, Hattie Plum
View Record  978.6 CUSTER Luth Daily Yellowstone Journal index, 1879-1900. Luther, Nancy, compiler
View Record  948.92 Hvidt Danes go west: a book about the emigration to America. Hvidt, Kristian
View Record  929.2 GREENE Gree Daniel Kent Greene, his life and times, 1853-1921. Greene, Gordon Kay
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Records: 301 to 350 of 1760