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Records: 151 to 200 of 1766
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  929.2 Kirk Bartholomew Smith family history and genealogy. Kirkpatrick, Farel
View Record  929.1079 Bars Basic researcher's guide to homesteads and other federal land records. Barsi, James
View Record  973.7 Brad Battles and leaders of the Civil War. Bradford, Ned, editor.
View Record  929.2 BAUM Pive Baum-Bell genealogy, 1848-1984. Pivernetz, Amelia Baum
View Record  Baxter family from South Carolina: Scotch Irish pioneers from Ulster. Baxter, Lionel Francis and John William Baxter
View Record  929.2 BAXTER Baxt Baxter family from South Carolina: Scotch-Irish pioneers from Ulster. Baxter, Lionel Francis
View Record  978.6 CARBON Mont Bearcreek, Carbon County, Montana, cemetery records. Montana Genealogy Research Group.
View Record  978.6 CARTER Beav Beaver Lodge cemetery index, Ekalaka, Carter County, Montana.
View Record  929.2 BECHTEL Dalby Bechtel family encyclopedia.--Volume 1. Dalby, Barbara
View Record  978.6 Brown Before barbed wire: L.A. Hoffman, photographer on horseback. Brown, Mark H. and W.R. Felton.
View Record  946.1 Flor Beginner's guide to Hispanic genealogy. Flores, Norma
View Record  948.11 Thom Beginner's guide to Norwegian genealogical research. Thomsen, Finn A., compiler.
View Record  929.1075 Carr Beginner's guide to using tax lists. Carroll, Cornelius
View Record  943.1 Barth Beginners guide to German genealogical research. Barth, Frederick H. and Kenneth F. Thomsen, compilers.
View Record  929.2 BELL Seav Bell family records. Seaver, J. Montgomery
View Record  978.6 CASCADE Kenn Belt Valley history, 1877-1979. Kennedy, Ethel Castner and Eva Lesell Stober
View Record  929.2 BENDER Mari Bender - Bainter - Painter Smith and the allied families of Phillipson - Marino - Alioto. Marino, Joseph Linn
View Record  929.2 BENSON Crof Benson family: descendants of Isaac Benson and Mary Bumpas and allied families: Archer, Bumpas, Howard, Knapp, Lewis, Luce, Meech, Milks, Potter, Reynolds, Waite, Whipple, Williams. et. al. -- 2nd edition. Croft, Grace Hildy, compiler.
View Record  977.8 BENTON Coney Benton County, Missouri illustrated review, Jan. 1, 1901 showing its unsurpassed mineral, lead and zinc producing developments and its superior advantages for agriculture, horticulture, poultry culture, stock raising and dairy purposes...its vast timber, water and grazing resources and its delightful, health-giving climate and curative springs, and advanced domestic civilization. Coney, P.H.
View Record  943 Berl Berlin and Potsdam. -- 3rd edition.
View Record  929.2 CLAUSIUS Smith Bernard Clausius, 1848-1908: ancestors and decendants [sic]. Smith, Anita Christison
View Record  978.6 YELLOW Beth Beth Aaron Cemetery [Billings, Mont.]. Yellowstone Genealogy Forum.
View Record  975.6 GASTON YOck Between two rivers: the centennial of Belmont, North Carolina. Yockey, Ross
View Record  929.2 CASS Cass Beulah Ball Cass: a descendant of Samuel Hinckley. Cass, Earle Millard
View Record  978.6 POWDER Irio Beyond echoing footsteps. Irion, LaVeta, ed.
View Record  978.6 Kohl Beyond schoolmarms and madams: Montana women's stories. Kohl, Martha, ed.
View Record  979.1 White Bible records, Sharlot Hall Museum and Archives, Prescott, Arizona. Whiteside, Dora M.
View Record  016.973 Filby Bibliography of American county histories. Filby, P. William
View Record  016.973 Child Bibliography of research projects reports: check list of historical records survey publications. - Revised. Child, Sargent E. and Dorothy P. Holmes
View Record  973.2 Meyn Bibliography on the colonial Germans of North America especially the Pennsylvania Germans and their descendants. Meynen, Emil
View Record  978.6 Whit Bicentennial tapestry of the Yellowstone Conference. Whithorn, Doris
View Record  978.6 BIG HORN Busc Big Horn County in the World War, 1917-1918-1919. Buschlen, J.P., compiled and edited by
View Record  978.6 Msgs Big sky roundup. (Newsletter). Montana Genealogical Society.
View Record  978.6 YELLOW Stev Billings A to Z. Stevens, Karen D. and Dee Ann Redman.
View Record  978.6 YELLOW Bicen Vol IV Billings business and residence directory, 1883-1884 Yellowstone County. -- Volume IV. Bicentennial for Yellowstone County. Landmarks.
View Record  978.6 YELLOW Rosa Billings centennial book, 1882-1982: historic pages from the Billings Gazette. Rosatti, Robert J.
View Record  978.6 YELLOW Polk Billings city directory including Yellowstone County. R.L. Polk & Co.
View Record  CD 978.6 YELL BGObit2 Billings Gazette obituaries from January 2015 through December 2017 -- CD Rom. Yellowstone Genealogy Forum, compiler.
View Record  978.6 YELLOW BilG Billings memories: the early years, a pictorial history. Billings Gazette (Billings, Mont.)
View Record  978.6 YELLOW Sen Billings Senior High School alumni directory. Billings Public Education Foundation
View Record  978.6 YELLOW Claw Billings the city and the people. Clawson, Roger and Katherine A. Shandera
View Record  978.6 YELLOW Wright Billings: the magic city and how it grew. Wright, Kathryn
View Record  978.8 LARIMER Brin Bingham Hill Cemetery, Laporte and Bellvue, Colorado. -- 1990 update. Brinks, Rose L.
View Record  974.7 Lamb Binghamton area includes Delaware, Broome, Chenango and Otsego counties. Lamb, Wallace
View Record  973.21 Cong Biographical directory of the American congress, 1774-1971. United States. Congress (92nd, 1st session: 1969-1971).
View Record  016.92 Biog Biography and genealogy master index: a consolidated index to more than 3,200,000 biographical sketches... -- 2nd ed. Herbert, Miranda C., ed.
View Record  978.6 CHOUTEAU Lepl Birthplace of Montana: a history of Fort Benton. Lepley, John G.
View Record  977.5 Eric Births, deaths, marriages and other genealogical gleanings from newspapers for Crawford, Vernon and Richland Counties, Wisconsin, 1873-1910. Erickson, Vernon D., comp.
View Record  929.1044 Burr Black roots: a beginner's guide to tracing the African American family tree. Burroughs, Tony
View Record  929.2 BLISS Blis Bliss family in America. Bliss, Aaron Tyler
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Records: 151 to 200 of 1766