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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  974.4 SUFFOLK Guide "A guide at a glance" of historic Boston. -- Fourteenth edition.
View Record  977.6 SAINT LOUIS Lager "Happy depression" on the Iron Range. Lager, H.E. "Finny"
View Record  974.492 Kuhn "Mary and John" : a story of the founding of Dorchester, Massachusetts, 1630. Kuhns, Maude Pinney
View Record  929.2 MOSS Towe "P.B. Moss: the man who built Billings" [an article] in Hoofprints from the Yellowstone Corral of the Westerners. Towe, Ruth
View Record  978.6 FERGUS Byer "Roy country was tough stuff in the early days" [an article in] Lewistown News-Argus, Lewistown, Montana, December 18, 1983. Byerly, Ken
View Record  974.7 Bow 10,000 vital records of central New York, 1813-1850. Bowman, Fred Q.
View Record  929.2 RAWSON Brown 141 years of Mormon heritage: Rawsons, Browns, Angells pioneers. Brown, Archie Leon
View Record  976.8 Fulc 1770-1790 census of the Cumberland settlements: Davidson, Sumner and Tennessee Counties (in what is now Tennessee). Fulcher, Richard Carlton, compiler
View Record  947.7 Mai 1798 census of the German colonies along the Volga: economy, population, and agriculture. Mai, Brent Alan
View Record  976.8 BLOUNT Burns 1830 U.S. census of Blount County, Tennessee (county seat is Maryville, Tenn.) Burns, Annie Walker, compiler
View Record  978.6 CUSTER Mile 1920 census index, Custer County, Montana. Miles City Genealogical Society.
View Record  929.1075 Kemp 1930 census: a reference and research guide. Kemp, Thomas Jay, editor.
View Record  978.6 YELLOW WestReu 1999 20 year reunion memory book July 23-25, 1999. [Billings West High School, Billings, Mont.] Billings West High School Class of 1979
View Record  929.1075 USBu 200 years of U.S. Census taking: population and housing questions, 1790-1990. U.S. Bureau of the Census.
View Record  978.6 HILL Mont 2006 Northern alumni directory. Montana State University-Northern
View Record  978.6 YELLOW Sen1 1992 30-year reunion July 24-26, 1992. [Billings Senior High School, Billings, Mont.] Billings Senior High School Class of 1962.
View Record  929.1 Crow 31 days to better genealogy. Crow, Amy Johnson
View Record  978.6 YELLOW East2 50 year reunion directory: 1928 through 1933. (Eastern Montana College, Billings, Mont,) Eastern Montana College Reunion Committee.
View Record  978.6 YELLOW Bill 50 years of excellence: a history of Billings Senior High School, 1939-1989. Billings Senior High School Journalism Classes.
View Record  929.2 COPELAND Cope 500 years of family history: containing partial genealogies of the following families: England - Babbs, Bowley, Brown, Bunker, Cayle, Clark, Coffin, Dewe, Fowler, Gardener, Godfrey, Grafton, Harris, Hamynd, Hobart, Holland, Hopcott, Hunt, Keymber, Kimball, Larkin, Leighton, Macy, Moggs, Moore, Myrick, Newell, Orton, Peck, Pell, Pinckney, Pitt, Severance, Stevens, Walker, Winsofer; Scotland - Adams, Docharty, Fraser, Gunn, Hall, Landalls, Leggett, Mace, McEwen, McLaren, McKay, Muir, Nicholson, Stewart, Smith, White; Ireland - Copeland, Genoe, McCarroll, McClement; McConnel, McNally, Morrow, Nelson, O'Reilly, Reid, Reily, Robinson, Yardley; Germany - Eichhorn; Netherlands - Hendericks, Hubbants, Roubley, Vermilye, Waldron; USA - Acorn, Austin, Brown, Bunker, Conde; Coffin, Gardner, Grafton, Hobart, Hunt, Larkin, Leighton, Macy, Myrick, Muir, Newell, O'Reilly, Peck, Pell, Pinckney, Pinkham, Pitt, Rea, Severance, Vermilye, Vincent, Walker, Williams; Canada - Acorn, Bartlett, Bowley, Buchanon, Coffin, Copeland, Docharty, Fraser, Genoe, Gunn, Harris, McEwen, McLaren, McPherson, McNally, Moore, Morrow, Patience, Reilly, Sanderson, Smith, Webster, Williams. Copeland, B.A.
View Record  929.2 SAMPSON Hutch Abraham Sampson in America. Hutchinson, Elizabeth Newman, compiler.
View Record  929.2 VAN DEUSEN Benson Abraham Van Deusen and many of his descendants with biographical notes, 1635-1901. Benson, Charles B.
View Record  973 Virk Abridged compendium of American genealogy: first families of America. -- Volume 1 and Volume 3.. Virkus, Frederick Adams, editor under the direction of Albert Nelson Marquis
View Record  978.02 Murp Across America on an emigrant train. Murphy, Jim
View Record  929.2 BAYFIELD Yates Admiral Henry Wolsey Bayfield: master chart maker of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. Yates, David
View Record  929.1 Wein Adoptee's guide to DNA testing: how to use genetic genealogy to discover your long-lost family. Weinberg, Tamar
View Record  929.1 Morgan Advanced genealogy research techniques. Morgan, George G. and Drew Smith.
View Record  975.5 Jester Adventurers of purse and person, Virginia, 1607-1625. -- 2nd edition. Jester, Annie Lash, comp. and editor with Martha Woodroof Hiden.
View Record  929. 1075 Shep Age search information. Shepherd, JoAnn
View Record  979.8 Brad Alaska sources: a guide to historical records and information resources. Bradbury, Connie Malcolm and David Albert Hales.
View Record  973.2 Fisch Albion's seed: four British folkways in America. Fischer, David Hackett
View Record  929.2 BUTTERFIELD Jones Alice Butterfield of Johnson County, Missouri, 1871-1936 / compiled by Veda Goodnight Jones and Mabel Goodnight Stevenson. Jones, Veda G., comp.
View Record  929.2 ALLEN Seaver Allen family history. Seaver, J. Montgomery
View Record  978.2 FRANKLIN Camp Along and beyond the little blue: a centennial history of Campbell, Nebraska. Campbell Centennial Book Committee.
View Record  978.6 YELLOW Zimm Along the Zimmerman Trail. Zimmerman, Charles
View Record  977.5 CRAWFORD Karn Alphabetical index to Wisconsin, Crawford County marriages 1816-1866 Vol 1. Karnopp, Mary Jo and Patricia Sawell
View Record  978.6 YELLOW WestAl Alumni directory (Billings West High School) Billings West High School.
View Record  978.6 YELLOW RocAl Alumni directory (Rocky Mountain College, Billings, Mont.) Rocky Mountain College (Billings, Mont.)
View Record  978.6 YELLOW East 2007 Alumni directory 2007. Montana. State University-Billings.
View Record  978.6 GALLATIN Mont Alumni directory [Montana State University] Montana State University Alumni Association.
View Record  977.5 VERNON Park Always the river: a sesquicentennial history of Ontario, Wisconsin 1857-2007. Parker, Karen
View Record  973.7 Garr Amazing Civil War: a fascinating collection of little-known facts of the four-year conflict that changed America. Garrison, Webb
View Record  973.3 Grun America's women in the Revolutionary era, 1760-1790, a history through bibliography. Grandest, Eric G.; Briana L. Diaz and Hollis L. Gentry.
View Record  929.2 SPENCER Robe American ancestors and cousins of the Princess of Wales. Roberts, Gary Boyd
View Record  974.7 COLUMBIA High American ancestry: giving the names ad descent in the male line of Americans whose ancestors settled in the United States previous to the Declaration of Independence, A.D. 1776. Vol II (Local series) Columbia County, State of New York. Hughes, Thomas P.
View Record  973 Amer American ancestry: giving the names and descent in the male line of American ancestors settled in the U.S. previous to the Declaration of Independence. Hughes, Thomas Patrick and Frank Munsell.
View Record  016.9291 Filby American and British genealogy and heraldry: a selected list of books. -- 2nd ed. Filby, P. William, comp.
View Record  973 Sher American colonists in English records: a guide to direct references in authentic records, Passenger Lists not in "Hotten". tc., tc., tc. Sherwood, George
View Record  929.2 CORY Cory American Corys: their settlement and dispersion in the United Stated and Canada. Cory, Vernon and Michael R. Cory
View Record  910.3 Kane American counties: a record of the origin of the names of the 3,072 counties, dates of creation and organization, area, population, historical data, etc. of the fifty states. Kane, Joseph N.
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Records: 1 to 50 of 1493