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Records: 51 to 100 of 1766
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  978.2 FRANKLIN Camp Along and beyond the little blue: a centennial history of Campbell, Nebraska. Campbell Centennial Book Committee.
View Record  978.6 YELLOW Zimm Along the Zimmerman Trail. Zimmerman, Charles
View Record  977.5 VERNON Stol Alphabetical index to 1878 Vernon County, Wisconsin plat map. Stoleson, Sharon, comp.
View Record  977.5 CRAWFORD Karn Alphabetical index to Wisconsin, Crawford County marriages 1816-1866 Vol 1. Karnopp, Mary Jo and Patricia Sawell
View Record  943 Prag Alphabetical register of German immigrants from the Upper Palatinate in the Kingdom of Bavaria for the years of 1844 through 1850. Prager, Dr. Frank.
View Record  978.6 YELLOW WestAl Alumni directory (Billings West High School) Billings West High School.
View Record  978.6 YELLOW RocAl Alumni directory (Rocky Mountain College, Billings, Mont.) Rocky Mountain College (Billings, Mont.)
View Record  978.6 YELLOW East 2007 Alumni directory 2007. Montana. State University-Billings.
View Record  978.6 GALLATIN Mont Alumni directory [Montana State University] Montana State University Alumni Association.
View Record  977.5 VERNON Park Always the river: a sesquicentennial history of Ontario, Wisconsin 1857-2007. Parker, Karen
View Record  973.7 Garr Amazing Civil War: a fascinating collection of little-known facts of the four-year conflict that changed America. Garrison, Webb
View Record  973.3 Grun America's women in the Revolutionary era, 1760-1790, a history through bibliography. Grandest, Eric G.; Briana L. Diaz and Hollis L. Gentry.
View Record  929.2 SPENCER Robe American ancestors and cousins of the Princess of Wales. Roberts, Gary Boyd
View Record  974.7 COLUMBIA High American ancestry: giving the names ad descent in the male line of Americans whose ancestors settled in the United States previous to the Declaration of Independence, A.D. 1776. Vol II (Local series) Columbia County, State of New York. Hughes, Thomas P.
View Record  973 Amer American ancestry: giving the names and descent in the male line of American ancestors settled in the U.S. previous to the Declaration of Independence. Hughes, Thomas Patrick and Frank Munsell.
View Record  016.9291 Filby American and British genealogy and heraldry: a selected list of books. -- 2nd ed. Filby, P. William, comp.
View Record  973 Sher American colonists in English records: a guide to direct references in authentic records, Passenger Lists not in "Hotten". tc., tc., tc. Sherwood, George
View Record  929.2 CORY Cory American Corys: their settlement and dispersion in the United Stated and Canada. Cory, Vernon and Michael R. Cory
View Record  910.3 Kane American counties: a record of the origin of the names of the 3,072 counties, dates of creation and organization, area, population, historical data, etc. of the fifty states. Kane, Joseph N.
View Record  973 Sale American expansion: a book of maps. Sale, Randall D.
View Record  720.9 Kauf American farmhouse. Kauffman, Henry J.
View Record  720.9 Fole American house. Foley, Mary Mix with drawings by Madelaine Thatcher.
View Record  970.1 Bata American Indian women: telling their lives. Bataille, Gretchen and Kathleen Mullen Sands.
View Record  970.1 Unit American Indians: a select catalog of National Archives microfilm publications. -- Revised edition of "The American Indian", 1972. United States. National Archives and Record Service.
View Record  929.2 SHER Kelly American journey: the chronicles of the Shearers and the Kelly's. Kelly, Samuel Taylor and David Marshall Kelly.
View Record  978.6 Lowe American Legion in Montana, 1919-1963. Lowery, Geraldine
View Record  973.3 Cold American loyalist claims. -- Volume 1. Coldham, Peter Wilson
View Record  978.6 YELLOW First1 American Lutheran Church directory. (Billings, Mont.) American Lutheran Church.
View Record  929.3 Clem American marriage records before 1699. -- Reprint. Clemens, William M., editor and compiler.
View Record  973.3 ColdM American migrations, 1775-1799: the lives, times and families of colonial Americans who remained loyal to the British Crown before, during and after the Revolutionary War, as related in their own words and through their correspondence. Coldham, Peter Wilson
View Record  973.4 Clark American militia in the frontier wars, 1790-1796. Clark, Murtie June
View Record  929.1085 Tepp American passenger arrival records: a guide to the records of immigrants arriving at American ports by sail and steam. -- Updated and enlarged. Temper, Michael
View Record  910.3 Bahn American place names of long ago: a republication of the index to Cram's Unrivaled Atlas of the World as based on the census of 1890. Bahn, Gilbert S.
View Record  929.1075 Green American population before the Federal Census of 1790. Greene, Evarts B. and Virginia D. Harrington
View Record  973.3 Libr American Revolution: a selected reading list. Library of Congress
View Record  973 Bock American settlements and migrations: a primer for genealogists and family historians. Bockstruck, Lloyd de Witt
View Record  973.301 Amer American spirit [periodical]. Daughters of the American Revolution.
View Record  929.4 SmithA American surnames. Smith, Elsdon Coles
View Record  973.3 Schou Americans of 1776: daily life in revolutionary America. Schouler, James
View Record  929.21 Brow Americans of royal descent: collection of genealogies showing the lineal descent from kings of some American families. -- Reprinted 7th edition. Browning, Charles H.
View Record  929.2 AMES Ames Ames family of Bruton, Somerset, England. Ames, Faber Kanouse
View Record  929.1089 Host Amish roots: a treasury of history, wisdom, and lore. Hostetler, John Andrew
View Record  978.6 DEER Morr Anaconda, Montana: copper smelting boom town on the western frontier. Morris, Patrick F.
View Record  929.2 LAUBACH Alst Ancestor to remember Johannes Laubach (Labach - Lawbaugh) 1728-1808 of Chester County, Penn. plus a directory of some of his descendants. Alston, Mary Lou (Mrs. William T.)
View Record  929.2 LACEY Lace Ancestors and descendants of Hiram G. Lacey and Sophia Sell by their grandchildren. Lacey, Garland Howard, comp.
View Record  929.2 GREENE Wrig Ancestors and descendants of William Browning Greene and Mary Hoxsie Lewis with allied families. Wright, William E.
View Record  929.2 TRULOCK Cary Ancestors and descendants of William Trulock and Mary Jane Worden. Cary, Kathleen
View Record  943.1 Wrig Ancestors in German archives: a guide to family history sources. Wright, Raymond S.
View Record  929.2 TRACY Ripl Ancestors of Lieutenant Thomas Tracy of Norwich, Connecticut. Ripley, Charles Stedman
View Record  941.1 Cant Ancestral castles of Scotland. Cantlie, Hugh and Sampson Lloyd.
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Records: 51 to 100 of 1766