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Records: 651 to 700 of 1760
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  929.2 KAUFFMAN Kauf Genealogy and history of the Kauffman-Coffman families of North America 1584-1937. Kauffman, Charles Fahs, compiler.
View Record  929.1087 Frei Genealogy and the law: a guide to legal sources for the family historian. Freilich, Kay Haviland and William B. Freilich.
View Record  971.3 Merr Genealogy in Ontario: searching the records. -- 3rd edition. Merriman, Brenda Dougall
View Record  929.2 NUTTING Brain Genealogy of first four generations and names of fifth generation of male descendants of John Nutting of Groton, Mass., 1620-1650-1676, compiled and published as a supplement to the Nutting genealogy of the descendants of John Nutting of Groton, Mass. Brainard, Homer W.
View Record  929.2 NUTTING Nutt Genealogy of John Nutting of South Amherst, Mass. Nutting, Walter M.
View Record  929.2 WILLIAMS Will Genealogy of some of the descendants of William Williams of Salem, Mass. -- 2nd printing. Williams, Geo. E.
View Record  929.2 BERGEY Berg Genealogy of the Bergey family: a record of the descendants of John Ulrich Bergey and his wife Mary. Bergey, David Hendricks
View Record  929.2 GLASSELL Hayd Genealogy of the Glassell family of Scotland and Virginia also of the families of Ball, Brown, Bryan, Conway, Daniel, Ewell, Holladay, Lewis, Littlepage, Moncure, Peyton, Robinson, Scott, Taylor, Wallace and others, of Virginia and Maryland. Hayden, Rev. Horace Edwin
View Record  929.2 HOOVER McLe Genealogy of the Herbert Hoover family. McLean, Hulda Hoover
View Record  929.2 NESBIT Hart Genealogy of the Nesbit, Ross, Porter, Taggart families of Pennsylvania. Hartman, Blanche T.
View Record  929.2 PHILBRICK Chap Genealogy of the Philbrick and Philbrook families descended from the emigrant, Thomas Philbrick 1583-1667. Chapman, Rev. Jacob
View Record  929.1 Brel Genealogy offline: a beginners guide to finding family history records that are not online. -- Revised. Breland, Claudia C.
View Record  929.1032 Board Genealogy standards. -- 50th anniversary edition. Board for Certification of Genealogists.
View Record  941.5 Gen General alphabetical index to the townlands and towns, parishes and baronies of Ireland based on the census of Ireland for the year 1851. -- Reprint. Controller, Stationary Office, Dublin.
View Record  978.6 FLATHEAD Gene General index to deeds - grantor, 1884-1897, Flathead County, Montana / extracted from issues of Trees and Trails, the bulletin of the Flathead Valley Genealogical Society, 1980-1998.
View Record  929.1 Bett2 Genetic genealogy in practice. Bettinger, Blaine T. and Debbie Parker Wayne.
View Record  929.1 Auli Genetic genealogy: the basics and beyond. Aulicino, Emily D.
View Record  949.7 Paris Genocide in satellite Croatia, 1941-1945: a record of racial and religious persecutions and massacres. Paris, Edmon
View Record  975.8 Aust Georgians: genealogies of pioneer settlers. Austin, Jeannette H.
View Record  943.1 Mine German census records 1816-1916: the when, where, and how of a valuable genealogical resource. Minert, Roger P.
View Record  947.7 Kell German colonies in South Russia 1804 to 1904.-- Second edition. Keller, Rev. Conrad
View Record  943.1 Konr German family research made simple. -- 2nd edition. Konrad, J.
View Record  943.2 Zimm German immigrants: lists of passengers bound from Bremen to New York, 1847-1871 with places of origin. Zimmerman, Gary J. and Marion Wolfert
View Record  943.2 Well German immigration to America in the nineteenth century: a genealogist's guide. Wellauer, Maralyn A.
View Record  943.1 Resc German military records as genealogical sources. Reschke, Horst A.
View Record  943.1 Riem German research companion. -- 3rd edition. Riemer, Shirley J.; Roger P. Minert and Jennifer A. Anderson.
View Record  947.7 Huey German settlements in Bessarabia: a study of the German immigration to, successful settlement in, and ultimate abandonment of Bessarabia. Huey, Burkett W.
View Record  943,73 Gard German towns in Slovakia and Upper Hungary: a genealogical gazetteer. -- Third edition. Gardiner, Duncan B.
View Record  943.1 Thode German-English genealogical dictionary. Thode, Ernest
View Record  947.7 Bosch German-Russians in words and pictures. Bosch, Dr. William
View Record  943.1 Brant Germanic genealogy: a guide to worldwide sources and migration patterns. -- Revised Brandt, Edward Reimer
View Record  943 Fehr Germany: documentation in pictures; two thousand years of political and cultural development. Fehr, Gotz and Werner Rehfeld.
View Record  973.7 Gross Gettysburg: Souvenir guide to the Gettysburg National Military Park. -- Fourth Revised Edition. Gross, James A. and Andre B. Collins.
View Record  973.7 DavisW Gettysburg: the story behind the scenery. Davis, William C.
View Record  978 Flor Ghost towns of the West. Florin, Lambert
View Record  929.2 GIBIS Pica Gibis family: from Germany to the United States, 1600s-1900s. Picard, Sue Marvelyn Butterfield
View Record  929.2 Gin Gingrich genealogy addendum to the Ulrich Gingrich family. Gingrich, Jacob Cecil
View Record  929.2 Gin Gingrich genealogy. Gingrich, J.E.
View Record  929.1042 Colm Girls: a history of growing up female in America. Colman, Penny
View Record  929.2 Gis Gish footprints in the sands of time. Gish, Ira Montgomery
View Record  978.6 DAWSON MacD Glendive: the history of a Montana town. MacDonald, Marie
View Record  929.2 LEWALLEN Lewa Glimpse of great people: Lewallen family history. -- Revised edition. Lewallen, Lawrence Leon
View Record  929.2 HARNESS Harn Glimpse of the past - the Harness family history. Harness, Harold Duncan
View Record  978.7 BIG HORN Davis Glimpses of Greybull's past: a history of a Wyoming railroad town from 1887 to 1967. Davis, J. Tom
View Record  929.2 GODDARN Harm Goddarn book — Volume 1. Harms, John W. And Pearl Goddard Harms, compilers and editors.
View Record  929.1 Park Going to Salt Lake City to do family history research. -- 2nd edition. Parker, J. Carlyle
View Record  979.8 Murp Gold rush women. Murphy, Claire Rudolf and Jane G. Haigh.
View Record  978.6 STILL Robi Golden days of Reed Point as gleaned from The Reed Point Review, 1915-1922. Robinson, Genevieve Smith
View Record  978.6 MADISON Pace Golden Gulch: the story of Montana's fabulous Alder Gulch. -- Second edition. Pace, Dick
View Record  979.4 Horn Golden highway: Highway 49. Volume 1: El Dorado, Placer, Nevada and Sierra Counties. Hornor, Jody and Ric, compilers.
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Records: 651 to 700 of 1760